Loretta - Health and Wellbeing for the LGBTQI+ Community.

Whether you use our Loretta app or desktop browser, you will always have unfettered access to your personalized health space. You have the freedom to customize it as you see fit. Stay seamlessly connected with the people, doctors, and therapists you value, sharing only the information that truly matters to you. The HealthSpace unfailingly stands by your side, empowering you to take charge, unreservedly be yourself, find respite during challenging times, and engage with health providers without apprehension of bias or discrimination based on your identity.

We offer various preventive and applied health services tailored to your unique needs. Loretta represents a holistic approach, where you are viewed comprehensively. A key focus is targeted prevention and health promotion to develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Proper nutrition, stress management techniques, exercise and sports, and other health-promoting measures support your journey to bring out the best in yourself.

Medication plans, doctor appointments, personal fitness data, health check-ups, and dietary habits can be managed and combined with reminder functions and individual goals; we will elevate your well-being to a new level.
With alternative methods, such as meditation or yoga, you can quickly strengthen your mental health at home under guidance online
Individual therapy options help you create a personalized treatment plan in a familiar atmosphere with our experienced doctors and therapists. Trust and personal contact are crucial to us, so we see ourselves as a team and family where everyone is there for each other.
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